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Showing 1–16 of 22 results

Traditional Rajasthani Food Items 

The Rich And Colourful Cuisine Of Marwari Food Items

The Royal culture and glorious history of Rajasthan need no introduction! Surrounded by regal and ancient forts, and the Thar desert, with the Aravalli Hills, Rajasthan reflects a Royal vibe, unique to itself! But, just like its glorious past and Royal thrones, the Rajasthani food items, with their rich vibrancy and spice also adds to the glory of the state! “The Land Of Princes”, Rajasthan, with its desi food items, was largely influenced by dry weather and barren land which were incapable of growing fresh green vegetables. Thus, the Marwari food items generally consisted of dried Rajasthani food items such as jowar and bajra which were easy to grow on barren land and could be stored for the summer months. 

The Rich Legacy Of Rajasthani Food Items

The Rajasthani desi food items preparation has its unique flavor and way of cooking. The scarcity of water made the region unfavorable for growing green vegetables. Besides, the unavailability of enough water also made the use of cow desi ghee mandatory for food preparation, as a substitute for water. 

While the traditional Rajasthani food items were in use in different parts of Rajasthan, the method of cooking and food choices were different too. Unlike the Rajputs who were meat lovers, the Marwari had their own choice of Marwari food items. Again, the Jains and Vaishnavas and the Bishnoi community of Rajasthan never use onions and garlic in their food, which is otherwise a staple in the Rajasthani cuisine. 


Some Unique Features Of The Marwari Food Items

Rajasthani cuisine is known for its savory spices and vibrant foods with a hint of sweetness at the end of every meal such as buttermilk. In a region where green vegetables cannot be grown, dried Rajasthani food items such as kachri and sangri are widely used. Alongside, turmeric powder, chana dal, fofaliya, fogla, and badi are also used in place of regular vegetables. Oils such as sunflower oil are used in households. Papad also makes its own place in the Rajasthani thali which is prepared using dried lentil powder. And when we talk about Rajasthani items online near me, how can we forget about the savory and spicy red chilies which spice up the traditional Rajasthani food items

With its reddish-brown color, the use of red chilies in cuisine renders the Rajasthani dishes its signature blood-red color, which is the identity of the Rajasthani food! Apart from cow desi ghee that we mentioned above, in place of water, goat and camel milk are also used to make sweet dishes and other delicacies. Another important online Rajasthani food, without which the Rajasthani cuisine is incomplete, is the use of pickles or achar in the Rajasthani thali. Starting from lehsun chutney to mint chutney, the options are endless! Apart from main course dishes such as Laal Maas, Safed Maas, and Badas, the Rajasthani snacks include Halwa puri, Nimkis, Chillas, and many more. 

Rajasthani Items Online Near Me – Dried Rajasthani Food Items 

Starting from Sangris to dried Rajasthani food items such as dried kachri powders, the online Rajasthani food with its unique aroma and taste has recorded international fame. Starting from the plethora of health benefits they have, to their rich and unique taste, the Rajasthani items online are an experience in itself to indulge in! Let us take a look at the various online Rajasthani foods and their health benefits. 

  1. Cow Desi Ghee 

With this vegetarian cow Desi ghee which is mostly different from our regular ghee in its fragrance, it plays an important role in the traditional Rajasthani food items. With its rich and authentic taste, the cow Desi ghee had been widely used for decades in Indian cuisine for its unparalleled healing properties. 

  1. Cumin Powder

Made from ethically sourced cumin or jeera seeds, the Zeera powder originated from the loam regions of Rajasthan! With its cooling properties and earthy aroma, the Cumin powder is widely used in Indian foods alongside curry leaves powder. Being a powerhouse of iron, cumin seeds and powder are known for their healing benefits to our gut system. 

  1. Gwarfali  

Commonly known as cluster beans, dried Gwarfali is high in protein content which makes them a healthy snack option for kids in their overall holistic development. Served alongside Bajra Chapati, they are an integral dried Rajasthani food item essential in the Rajasthani kitchen. 

  1. Sangri 

One of the popular Marwari food items, sangri can be consumed either as a single vegetable or can be taken with other veggies such as Khumattia. Cultivated from the khejri tree, Sangri is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, and other essential elements which help strengthen the immune system and keep cholesterol under check. Additionally, being a storehouse of protein, buy sangri online and maintain your health with the online Rajasthani food. 

  1. Ker 

With its high mineral content such as potassium, magnesium, etc. This berry-like fruit, Ker, is loaded with proteins and fibers that aid in the prevention of diseases. 

  1. Kachri Powder 

Grown from dried kachchar found in Rajasthan, Kachri powder is another desi food item that is rich in protein content and is famous among the Rajasthani kitchens for its healing properties on the gastrointestinal problems. 

  1. Badi

Used as substitutes for regular green vegetables, dried moong Badi, also called “Mangodis” is used as a delicacy in Rajasthani cuisine. Made from soaked moong dal, sun-dried, and preserved in jars, they are used in curries and dal for their unique taste and sumptuous flavor! 

  1. Fofaliya 

Traditionally known as child pumpkin or edge gourd, they find themselves in the Rajasthani cooking pot for their flavorsome taste and various health benefits. buy online Fofaliya from Panchayat Udsar.

  1. Pickles 

Rich in flavor and colors, the Indian achar or pickles are added to the Rajasthani thali to improve the functioning of gastric juices. Made from fruits and vegetables, they are an integral part of every Indian family! 

Besides these well-known Rajasthani items online, a plethora of other traditional Rajasthani food items such as red chili powder, masala papads, moth daal, moong daal, chana dal, and various other dried Rajasthani food items such as fogla are also used widely across the arid lands! 

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