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Buy Authentic Lakh Bangles Online From Panchayat Udsar

(known in Hindi as chudi) have always been a very important part of Indian culture. Even after so many years of globalization, the pride and joy of wearing a bangle are still persistent in modern Indian culture.

Everyone from the common Indian women to famous Indian celebrities loves to wear bangles and is promoting them all over the world.

The Popularity Of Lakh Bangles Among Indian Women

While women, as well as men of any age and culture, can wear bangles, it is customary for Indian brides and newly married women to wear them. Newly married women often wear Glass bangles since they are referred to as a symbol of love for their husbands. On the other hand, men wear kadas on their hands. Further, Bangles are also symbolic of the prosperity of the new life of the married couple.

Bangles In Present Day

In today’s world bangles are available in a lot of colors and designs. They are very trendy and are believed to be a fashion statement. You can style bangles along with traditional attire or even with western wear like gowns.

Top Jewellery designers believe that “Chunky bangles can be paired with ethnic attire, a ball gown, a short funky dress or jeans”, Our most beloved Indian cinema that is Bollywood also has expressed its love for bangles. Bollywood often glorifies bangles with the help of songs and emphasizes the fact that they look very pretty with traditional outfits like lehengas and sarees. They even tempt women to buy and wear bangles.

Not just in India, Bangles have also made their appearance in Hollywood. Many Hollywood models and actresses have been inspired by the Indian bangles and have worn them at major events and ceremonies. This is because wearing a bangle instantly adds glamour and style to even the most boring outfits.

Styling Bangles With Different Outfits

Styling your bangles is very important if you want to achieve that classy as well as sophisticated look. You need to match your attire with your bangles. Wearing a heavy set of Rajasthani Kangan along with a casual college outfit won’t help.

You need to choose a matching piece of funky bangle from the set that goes with your outfit. For instance, you can create an amazing look for yourself by pairing a kurta with a cuff bangle and oxidized jhumka. A heavy set of red Rajasthani lakh bangles along a lehenga of the matching colour can also make a great pair.

Bangles can be styled in various ways in different outfits. The most common way to style them is to wear bangles of the color which is the primary colour in your saree, suit, or lehenga. You can also style your bangles with the secondary colour of the outfit.

However, women really like to experiment with wearing bangles in different styles. One of the most popular trends today is wearing just one gorgeous and chunky-looking bangle in both hands styled with a traditional outfit.

Many women also prefer to wear a Kada in just one hand. These kadas are a very appealing fashion statement as they are very casual, easy to carry, and can be worn along with any kind of outfit.

Wearing Bangles In The Indian Culture

The word bangles come from the Sanskrit word “Bangri” which means jewelry worn on the arms to make them look beautiful. Bangles have been used in Indian culture for a long time. One can even find references to bangles being worn by women in ancient scriptures.

However, the bangles worn at that time were not of gold and other expensive metals, they were instead made from items such as clay, terracotta, and brass. At Panchayat Udsar all the bangles are made of brass just like the ancient times.

Vedic Benefits of Wearing bangles

While all of us are aware of how pretty bangles look and how they are even a fashion trend in India, did you know that there are even some health benefits of wearing bangles according to the Vedas? Here are the benefits as having been mentioned in the Vedas and other such scriptures:

  • The jingling of bangles on a hand releases very positive sound waves. These sound waves are believed to increase the Sattvic components present in our bodies
  • Wearing bangles also improves the Kriya Shakti in our bodies, which makes us feel energetic and lively, keeping away the feeling of laziness
  • The friction created by the movement of bangles on one’s wrist is also believed to increase the Raja component in our bodies.

Best Place To Buy Bangles Online

While traditionally women used to purchase bangles from local vendors who used to sell them beside temples and fairs, these options are not accessible to a lot of us in the present day. Even for those who can access those options, the low quality of bangles and fewer options available in the design might be a problem.

However, there is no need to worry. You can keep your traditional spirits in this world of technology. Just order your bangles online from Panchayat Udsar. All you need to do is visit the Bangles page and choose from the huge variety of options.

Why Choose Panchayat Udsar To Buy Lakh Bangles?

Panchayat Udsar, an online platform to buy authentic bangles, has a lot of bangles of various designs and colors. You can choose from the various ranges such as lakh bangles, Bangdi Set, Rajasthani Chura Set, Glass bangles, Rajasthani Kangan set, and even Kadas. Our Bangles can be worn for daily wear as well as for big occasions such as weddings. With huge varieties of Rajasthani bangles, we are sure that you will love the collection of our bangles.

With Panchayat Udsar, you also do not have to worry about paying for unnecessary delivery which is charged by a lot of other online platforms. We provide free shipping of bangles to all parts of India. Furthermore, we care about our customers and have a dedicated helpline in order to help them out with their queries and complaints. 

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