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Buy Wooden Charpai Online – Durable And Stylish Charpai From Panchayat Udsar

With the recent trend of “going all things rustic“, decorating your home that reflects rustic vibes is a must. While you can use a wide variety of things ranging from mats and wooden décor items, nothing can beat the traditional vibes that a Charpai reflects! Added to it are the durability and the fact that it takes almost zero space to position itself in a place. In today’s flat culture and small space, it becomes important to use décor items that look lavish and trendy, yet do not eat up all your room space. So, what can be a better option than using a Charpai? Moreover in today’s age of sustainable lifestyle, having a Charpai in your garden or terrace is mandatory! 

Again, the traditional Charpai is a portable home décor item that can be utilized for a wide variety of purposes such as sleeping, or turning it into a daybed and using it as a substitute to the contemporary couch or you can also opt to keep it near your garden area and enjoy sitting on it for your evening tea ritual with your family! There are many online charpai available, that are characterized by Solid wood charpai, folding charpai, brown wooden charpai bed. Below are all the details mentioned about Indian bed Charpai.

The History Of Charpai

With the concept of “minimalism“ in trend, it has become important for interior decorators to decorate the homes with a minimalistic yet luxurious and rustic approach. And what can be better than placing a Charpai or a manjha in your patio or living room instead of a contemporary couch, which not only reflects simplicity but is also trendy in itself with the Charpai or Charpoy, being spotted in almost every house? 

But, over the course of time, we have started to forget our rich cultural past. While we are turning towards our roots and living the life our elders did, it is also important to focus on the history of our culture and traditions. So, what is the history of Charpai? How did the modern Charpai with its innovations and contemporary approach gain an international market? Who introduced the concept of Charpai in India? 

The Concept Of Charpai

While there is no record of the time since when Charpai or “Indian bed” or “Khatia” is being used in Indian households, one can trace back the Charpai to 5000 years back. The Charpai, featuring a wooden charpai frame of four conical stands of equal length with a rectangular flatbed is woven from fiber ropes and colorful threads, with linear or cross or diagonal weaving, makes it a part of traditional Indian culture! 

Soon after, Moroccan traveler, Ibn Battuta came to Delhi to mark his presence in the court of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq, where he was introduced to the age-old Indian traditions and the vibrant Indian culture that left him spellbound. Amidst all things Indian, he was attracted the most towards Indian Charpoys!  

According to the words of Ibn Batutta, the charpai is a lightweight Indian bed which can be carried by anyone which consists of charpai Or four stands or legs with a rectangular frame above it on which they weave threads of cotton or silk together to make a flatbed.

From time immemorial, this comfortable yet stylish Charpai is being used as integral décor pieces in Indian homes and in recent years, the Indian traditional Charpoys have gained an international customer base! From France to the United Kingdom and New Mexico, all have created masterpieces in the name of Charpoys and this has also increased the employment rate in these countries, with labourers being hired to aid the production process! 

The Designing And Manufacturing Process Of A Traditional Indian Charpai

While there is no solid proof of its origin, some say that the Charpai was brought to India by Alexander the Great while others argue that the Charpoy originated locally in India and that every region has its own art and style of designing a Charpoy. 

But, although it varies from region to region, the basic design remains the same with four stands, or Chaarpais, and a flatbed of fibre ropes. The flatbed of the rectangular space can also be made of jute called jute charpai, or coir, among other materials! 

The Evolution In The Charpai Industry And The Contemporary Twist

A few years ago as well, the Charpai was phased out with modern beds and couches. But, thanks to the trending minimalistic approach towards life, these traditional Indian charpai beds are again back in the market with a few modern touches and twists! 

In recent times, contemporary charpai designers are coming up with bright threads and vivid patterns that are woven to give the desired colour and design in the Charpai, making it look all trendy and stylish, yet comfortable while adding a classic touch to it. Some modern designers are also embellishing the charpai with heavy and Bright colorful cushions and other neon-colored fibres to make it look bright and gorgeous, perfect for Indian households! 

Types of Charpai

There are some famous charpai types, such as:

  • Wooden charpai
  • Folding charpai bed
  • Rajasthani charpai
  • Handmade Charpai
  • Vintage Charpai


Advantages Of Sleeping In Charpai

India being a hot and humid country, the Charpai is an integral part of Indian homes as it allows for good airflow, thus cooling the environment and keeping our body relaxed and soothing. Apart from that, a Charpai can be used for multipurpose activities such as sleeping. Sleeping in Charpoy or a traditional Khatia helps to cure back pain among the elderly. 

Added to that, one can also opt for placing one Charpoy on their balcony amidst small plants, which will represent a small corner in the balcony where one can enjoy their me-time while enjoying the company of nature. In ancient times, the Charpoy had a social value as well. Apart from women using Chaarpais for drying spices and resting themselves, men used it as a sitting option during Village meetings and routine discussions. 

Buy Durable And Stylish Charpai Online From Panchayat Udsar

While a Charpai holds a special place in the heart of Indians, getting a durable and stylish charpai is a task. Moreover, getting your hands on a trendy yet comfortable Indian Khatia is difficult because nowadays, most of them sell poor-quality Chapais woven with low-grade fiber ropes. So, to ease out your search for authentic Indian Charpai, we at Panchayatudsar have introduced stylish and durable yet authentic and premium quality Chapais for our customers. 

With a wide range of Chaarpais of different designs and shades, you just need to scroll down the website and buy wooden charpai online according to your wish! Moreover, we also ship our products to our customer’s given address, thus you do not have to pay any extra! So, what are you waiting for? Go and shop for stylish and durable Charpai at an affordable price from the Panchayat udsar website.