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The Authenticity and Uniqueness of Gaushala Products

Gaushala is a shelter home for stray cattle in India. With the aim of protecting and preserving the indigenous cattle breeds of India, a number of Gaushala were set up decades ago, and still are an integral part of rural India, holding immense value for the agro-based industries. While protecting Indian cattle breeds, the Gaushala products can be sold to the Indian and International market, sustaining the Indian economy.

 The History of Gaushala

The first Gaushala was established in the Rewari region by Raja Rao Yudhishter Singh Yadav. Now, the Gaushalas are established in different parts of the country with the aim of protecting and preserving indigenous cow breeds of India.

The first cow protection society was established in Punjab in the year of 1882. The organization rescued stray cows and organized various Gaushalas to protect and preserve the indigenous cattle breeds. Following the reform between 1880 and 1893, hundreds of Gaushalas were set up in areas around the country to protect our cow species.

Apart from preserving our indigenous cattle species, Gaushala products such as cow dung cake, and cow dung dhooni powder can also be sold in the market to sustain our economy. Thus, with the aim of protecting the native cow species of India, the Gaushalas today have reached great heights and are successfully contributing to the Indian economy.

 Gaushala Products

As mentioned before, besides protecting the indigenous cattle breeds of India, the Gaushala also serves to contribute to the growth of the Indian economy. Gaushala products such as cow desi Ghee, cow dung dhoop batti and online cow dung diya are essential parts of Indian households. Selling these in the Indian and international markets can earn the owners of Gaushala huge profits, which not only sustains the Indian economy but also provides the owner with the much-needed capital to sustain the Gaushala itself.

Let us have a look at the various Gaushala products and see for ourselves their authenticity and uniqueness!

 Baixo 100% Organic Vermicompost (Kachua Khad)

Organic Vermicompost, one of the best Gaushala products, is clean and organic soil manure produced by earthworms. Used for agriculture, home gardening, horticulture, terrace gardening, etc. is a 100℅ genuine and authentic Gaushala products available in powder form.

 Gau Dhooli Havan Samagri

The organic havan samagri, another important Gaushala product, is prepared from indigenous breeds of cow’s dung or gobar. Prepared with Panchagavya, Kala Til, Kapoor, Jau, Chawal, Flowers, Supari Powder, and Dhoop-batti Powder, organic havan samagri are used in yagya events such as home puja or office yagnas.

Havan Samidha

Another Gaushala product is the organic havan Samidha used in yagnas and havans. With 100℅ rustic ingredients, the havan Samidha emits lesser black fumes which are thus clean energy sources. They also have longer burning hours than traditional woods.

Dhoop Cones

The cow dung dhoop cones are made from pure cow dung of the cows of Indian breeds mixed with herbs to provide a carbon-free air, while the herbs clean the microbes present in the environment. They are 100℅ organic and pure and do not contain any harmful ingredients or synthetic fragrances.

Cow Dung Cake

Across rural India, cow dung cakes are utilized for heating purposes, such as fire, or for cooking purposes as fuel. They are also used for yagnas and hawans. They are pure and clean sources of energy, thus they do not emit harmful radiation to the environment.

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti

Made with a mixture of indigenous cow’s dung and aromatic herbs, the cow dung dhoop batti are perfect home products to elevate your mood. With the Chandan aroma creating a lovely atmosphere, the cow dung dhoop batti is heaven for tired souls to soothe and reflect upon themselves.

 Online Cow Dung Diya

The online cow dung diyas are made with pure desi cow dung. Free from artificial colors or fragrances and harmful ingredients, they will not contribute to polluting the environment. Made with Mitti, Desi Cow Dung, and Rai, they are perfect for use in festivals such as Diwali and Laxmi puja.

Cow Dung Dhooni Powder

Available in two variants – the relaxing tulsi and lively Guggul, the cow dung Dhooni powder, prepared with cow dung from indigenous cattle breeds are sure to deliver the perfect aroma for your house and home. Get your hands on these today and take yourself to a relaxing time.

Online Purchase Gaushala Products

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