Moong Dal


  • This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Quality Available: A Grade
  • Packaging Type: Premium pack
  • Common Name: Moong Dal
  • Packaging Size & Weight – 500gm, 1000 gm.
  • Pure and Natural Quality Guaranteed!
  • Bring home the purest.
  • A 100 g serving of the dal can give you around 3 g protein.
  • It is an ideal meal for the sick and recuperating people.
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Key Features

  • The green whole moong dal is a type of pulses that can be consumed both as a snack and a whole meal. The green moong is stacked with nutrients and other fundamental minerals which makes it an absolute necessity every day.
  • The whole green moong dal is also very useful in shedding those extra kilos.
  • The mouth-watering dishes arranged from it are servings of mixed greens, soup, paratha, and so forth.
  • Because of its cool and sweet nature, Moong dal is said to be netrya (beneficial for the eyes). It also helps to relieve fever. That’s the reason why moong dal khichdi is highly recommended for people suffering from fever.
  • Moong dal has a lot of varieties. They can be classified according to their colour. For example Black kama yellow-white, red. Previous varieties black lighter to digest as compared to the latter.
  • Moong dal is the easiest to digest among all the other pulses. It does not tax the digestive system, therefore it is the preferred dal for making khichadi. Khichadi is a combination of rice and moong dal cooked together.
  • Contrasted with different dals, moong dal is low on carbs, making it a more beneficial alternative. One of the more significant advantages of moong dal is its protein content.

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500 gm, 1 kg